Bookmarks of Discomfort- Open Call for transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary artists

Bookmarks of Discomfort is a series of live in-person ticketed public events. We are seeking new original transdisciplinary/multidisciplinary work and proposed pieces are highly preferred to be under 15 mins. For the first event, in February, the focus will be on live performance and film/video. The project is being presented by Dixon Place (DP), a non-profit organization and venue dedicated to the development and presentation of original work in all performative genres, located on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The space seats 120 and includes lighting, sound, and projection equipment as well as a sprung floor. See theater and equipment specs at Tech rehearsals are on the day of the show. Artists will receive a stipend.

Often we confront our true selves, an assertive voice of self through uncomfortable situations, circumstances. Unfortunately, those moments of discomfort are often grounded on the societal hegemonic, both explicit and implied codes of being, behaving, experiencing understanding, and interpreting. When we find ourselves in those discomfort moments, we may respond to comply, resist, stay silent, revolve, observe and reflect, and many more ways. These moments of discomfort present themselves and affect different races, ethnicities, and individuals within collectives and communities differently. This project is calling out to BIPOC, Queer, transdisciplinary artists, writers, and poets, who can resonate and relate with the idea of discomfort in any subjective way. Presentations will address the discomfort component objectively and the participant’s subjective response to it to create a space for healing, self-expression, and assertiveness of both collective and self. This program is conceived and curated by New York-based artist Priyanka Das.

Application Deadline:2022-02-28
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