Artist Sustainability Workshop Series

Through the Artist Sustainability Workshop Series (ASWS), the Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) seeks to provide resources for artists seeking to build out their skill sets and create sustainable careers. We offer two types:

  • Professional Development- which helps artists learn how to structure their artistic practices as a business, with workshops in business planning, intellectual property, marketing, fundraising and more.
  • Craft Development- including writing, visual arts, music, and media workshops.

"Thanks you so much for providing this Artist Sustainability Workshop Series. I really appreciate all that the Bronx Council on the Arts has done, and continues to do, for the artist community." -J.G. 

"Thank you very much for this conversation. It was a great opportunity to have a healthier approach to the financial aspect of been an artist." - L.M.


There are no upcoming events at this time

2024 Workshops

BCA's 2024 Artists Sustainability Workshops will be hybrid, being held both online via zoom and in-person. This year, the workshop series dives into the often overlooked but basic aspects of being an artist today, including grantwriting, portfolio-building, and artificial inteligence (AI) and the arts.

  • The Art of Grantwriting (online workshop)
    • In this three part workshop led by consultant Rachel Cobert, participants will gain tips and insight into writing a successful grant application.  View Workshops
  • The Art of Presentation: A Practical Guide to Building, Crafting, and Perfecting Your Portfolio (online workshop)
    • This three part workshop series focused on three artistic disciplines – performing arts, media arts, and visual arts. New and emerging artists gained valuable insights into crafting an impactful artist statement, selecting cohesive work samples, formatting, and promoting their portfolios.  View Workshops
  • AI and the Arts (online workshop)
    • AI and the Arts immerses participants in the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and artistic expression, illuminating how AI is revolutionizing the creation and comprehension of art. With this workshop series, BCA endeavors to equip artists with a deeper comprehension of AI's emerging influence on the arts, providing expert guidance and fostering engaging conversations to ignite curiosity. View Workshops

2023 Workshops

BCA's 2023 Artists Sustainability Workshops will be hybrid, being held both online via zoom and in-person. This year our focus is to dive into the backend of being an artist and learning more about other art practices.

  • Financial Fluency for Creative (online workshop)
    • In this three part workshop, creatives will learn the basics of building and using credit, sole proprietorship strategies, and tips on budgeting and savings.
  •  Sustaining a Career in Filmmaking with Ghetto Film School (hybrid workshop)
    • In this three part worksop, participants will gain tips and insight into the strategies and techniques of networking and career sustainability including a focus on what production actually is, how to achieve those production goals, and how to utilize a film deck.
  • The Craft of Grantwriting for Artists
    • In this three part workshop series, participants will gain tips and insight into writing a
      successful grant proposal including how to find funders, knowing the building blocks of a
      proposal, and how to write a strong LOI (letter of intent).

2022 Workshops

BCA's 2022 Artists Sustainability Workshops will be held entirely online via zoom. This year our focus is to provide more in-depth workshops by grouping them into series for progressive learning. 

  • Legal Issues for the Arts (Recordings Unavailable)
  • Finding & Understanding Your Teaching Artist Identity (Recordings Unavailable)
  • Intro to NFTS for Bronx Creatives
  • Bridging the Gap: Social Media Strategy for Artists

View 2022 Workshop Playlist

2021 Workshops

BCA's 2021 Artists Sustainability Workshops focused on equiping artists to share their practice in a virtual world.

  • Affordable Housing for Artists led by Daniel Arnow from The Actors Fund 
  • Breaking into the Art World led by Cathy Kaplan from Sidley Austin LLP 
  • Best Practices for Virtual Engagement led by Chris Walters from The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes 
  • Developing Your Website Content led by David Ulloa from BCC 
  • Social Media Mastery led by Breana Vazquez from BCA
  • Building Your Brand Online led by David Ulloa from BCC
  • Intro to Financial Wellness: Budgeting Nuts & Bolts​ led by Rebecca Selkowe from The Actor’s Fund 

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2020 Workshops

BCA first transitioned to online workshops and offered a wide array of virtual workshops for artists and organizations as the Pandemic first hit The Bronx. 

  • Financial Strategies for Freelance Artists in a Time of Crisis
  • Best Business Practices: CV, Resume and Artist Statement Writing
  • Portfolio Basics for Exhibiting Artists and Photographers
  • Affordable Housing for Artists’ with Daniel Arnow from Actors Fund
  • Branding and Marketing with Michael Hamlett Jr. of The Bronx Brand
  • Artist Bio as Self Portrait with Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz
  • Navigating a Career in the Visual Arts with Yancey Richardson
  • Shadows and Inner Scenery: Transmuting Through Art with Nathalie Flo
  • The Profitable Side of Nonprofits led by NYCON
  • Web Design 101 Crash Course with David Ulloa
  • Organizational Management Series: Mergers & Strategic Alliances
  • Organizational Management Series: Scenario Planning
  • Organizational Management Series: Organizational Redesign

View 2020 Workshop Playlist