Rush Humphrey

Rush Humphrey

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Rush Humphrey

Bronx Born and bred based visual artist Rush Humphrey works in a variety of multimedia platforms although the larger body of his visually appealing work is done in chalk pastel and watercolor.  He is emerging wonderfully as a skilled hand on procreates painter digital platforms and is highly proficient in photoshop as well.  His passion for the organic and often sexy human form and its contrasting facets have well over 40 years’ experience behind it.

Having studied commercial art in NYC's prestigeous school of Art and Design and a more higher persuit of all things art at The School of Visual Arts. Among his influences are traditional classic fine art, animation, cartooning, illustration, monotype art and he even wrote and published a crime novel set in the carribean, who knew?  Rush had mentored under some of Art histories great influencers like graphic novel creator Will Eisner and world famous Mad magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman. His work has been shared at various galleries and local art shows locally as well as proudly displayed in private art collections.  

With an interest for both pop culture and indigenous imagery, Humphrey often blends the two themes into his bold colorful work resulting in interesting concepts.

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check out my work on the website if you like what you see and are interested in purchasing merchandise. Prints, tshirts, phone cases etc.  

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Phone: 6462752285
Website: Don_octavio @IG

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