Mike Surf

Mike Surf

Categories: Design & Architecture, Visual Arts, Community Arts, Art Conservation, Street Art

Mike Surf, is an artist from New York City and signs his work under the artist name M.E.S.


He finds his inspiration for art in many places, but mostly from the neighborhoods of New York City. From the subways to city parks and communities spread across the 5 boroughs; inspiration is everywhere. Born and raised in The Bronx, Mike has been influenced by street art of the early 70’s to old world styles hanging in the art museums across the city.


Mike is a self taught artist, accepted into the Architecture program at New York Institute of Technology after high school. He opted out of that career to start a family and pursue 21st century technology in the communications industry for 20 years.


He creates art because he believes it is a pure way to express and communicate to others what he has experienced and what he has seen. To him, it is a powerful tool to help make changes for the better in society. Specializing in illustrations and sculpting from found materials, he believes one day that art may help heal the planet from human wastefulness.


His style of art is contemporary, conceptual and nouveau - motivated by his family, life, music and the human spirit. He started creating art at the age of 6 and has been inspired by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Ernest Watson, Keith Haring, Frank Morrison and a few others. Mike says, “Their colors and lines have deep meanings that are similar to storybooks.”


Mike stays connected with the art community by supporting artists and constantly meeting and applauding artists of all walks. His work has been shown all around New York City in small venues as well as online.


When people see his talent, the hope is that they experience a sense of excitement, joy and obsession for the stories being told inside of all of Mike's artwork.

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Phone: (718) 924-0621
Website: http://www.thecolorofspades.com

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