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Leumas Art

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Artnell is an Artist from the islands of Antigua & Barbuda, he is skilled in portrait art and experimenting with surreal Art.

As a child growing up in Antigua he spends a lot of his life drawing and hanging out with fellow friends and family who were also artists which helped him to grow as an artist due to his influences.

He spends most of his time studying portrait art in his mini sketchbook but his preferred medium is digital art, the artworks are created in a software called clip studio paint and loves to share time lapse of his process behind each piece of artwork, he enjoys self portraits and is currently refining his skills as an artist, always trying to learn to get better at what he enjoys most as a self taught artist. Art has always been his safe space due to growing up in a country where art isn't being viewed as a profession but as a hobby but as time passes that outlook is changing today and he is aspiring to show that it can be a career for his people of Antigua and you can still love what you do best which is being an artist and change the world for the better through art. He also thinks that there is no limit to what you can create as an artist and urges aspiring artists to create whatever they feel like creating art isn't meant to be one thing but a reflection of not just your upbringing but your inner child and imagination, and he also likes to dabble into pop culture as well. 

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