Esther Reid

Esther Reid

Categories: Teaching Artist, Visual Arts, Community Arts, Photography

New York-based up-and-coming visual artist Esther Reid is dedicated to painting in the pastel medium and often dabbles in oil and acrylic work. She may choose to do a mixed media piece to get more depth in her work.

Growing up, Esther Reid began her artistic awaken recreating various cartoons from her favorite television programs. She didn't see it as a creative outlet but more for something to pass the time. As an adult, she continued to develop her skills by taking various classes focusing on the human figure using charcoal.

It wasn't until recently that she discovered her love pastels to recreate the human figure. "I like to know the name of my subjects so I can feel their spirit while defining their features with each stroke made. I feel like I am capturing the essence of the person."

Services Offered

Accepting commission pieces in pastels. 

Contact Information

Phone: 917.570.1008

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