Annette Back

Annette Back

Categories: Design & Architecture, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Expressing myself visually has always been a part of me. My childhood temperament was shy, verbal communication did not come easy and I was usually careful to speak my mind. I credit this mindset with honing my observational skills and looking at the many layers of a given situation.

When creating art, expression can be deliberate, thoughtful and meaningful. The paintings tell a story and evoke emotions. Interpretation of the subject is achieved by transferring photos and text on a first layer, then adding more layers of transparent or opaque colors, lines, shapes and textures. A variety of techniques and interesting color combinations are used to achieve my vision. Inspiration comes from memories, experiences and current events.

While I am fearlessly using a conceptual, bold and colorful approach, I also have a visual conversation with the viewer and make connections.

Services Offered

Contemporary Art
Original Paintings
Graphic Design
Art Direction

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Phone: 16462293251

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