The 5th Annual AnkhLave Garden Project at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Theme - “Branching Out: Trees as Community Hosts”:
Many species live interdependently under the canopy of a single tree, where a varied symbiotic ecosystem thrives. This same tree, however, is vulnerable to parasites, which can potentially drain its resources. Maintaining a protective ecological synergism is vital, and yields resources necessary for continued human life on the planet. The equilibrium of a protective social fabric promotes a healthy community in a similar way. The AnkhLave Garden Project is designed to amplify the voices of underrepresented artists from communities interacting within their “canopies”. This project for outdoor pieces examines ideal protective canopies, or the lack of thereof.

Ankhlave Fellowship Expectations:
Fellows will commit to monthly zoom and check ins to track progress of work, and participate in cohort critiques and studio visits leading up to both exhibits.

Public Art Show Expectations at Brooklyn Botanic Garden:
The artwork will need to be sturdy to withstand the elements as well as close contact with the public for up to 6 months outdoors. Some maintenance throughout the summer may be required. The project will also need to be “family-friendly". Artists will work with AnkhLave and Brooklyn Botanic Garden staff to select the location of their object according to Brooklyn Botanic Garden's guidelines.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden will pay an artist honorarium of $1,000 and will reimburse up to $1,000 in expenses (materials, fabrication etc.) One of the five selected artists will receive up to $10,000 for the expenses/fabrication/installation of an original treehouse inspired land inclosure.

​Program Description:
Five Fellows will have access to Materials for the Arts to produce a work under the theme (To Be Announced). Each artist will create two works that are in conversation with each other. The first will be a public artwork presented summer 2022 on the grounds of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and another exhibited in a traditional gallery setting following the public art installations. The Public Art exhibit will be curated by former AnkhLave Garden Project Fellow, and current AnkhLave Curator in Residence, Cecilia Andre.

Artists who are of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and or POC background based in NYC

Project Duration:
1 year

Application Deadline:2023-01-06
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