Renee Salandy

Renee uses an autobiographical approach to storytelling to discover topics close to home as a frame of reference to collide new subjects with the old. She has written a collection of short stories, and is currently working on a collection of poetry. As a first generation Black Trinidadian American Catholic, her experience growing up in Texas was lonely and she felt detached amidst her fellow Christians. The “Race” section of her 1982 birth certificate says “Negroid,” which undoubtedly reflects her designation as an outsider at birth. She also grew accustomed to childhood discrimination from the other “Negroids” who would differentiate her from them because of her skin tone, accent, or high cheekbones. Therefore, these unique experiences influence her love of fiction and desire to write well. She hopes her writing contributes to world literature and influences others to maintain history through folklore.
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