Photography Scholarship

Full tuition for the photography course "Bringing Depth to Your Longterm Project” with Anita Pouchard Serra.

This scholarship is need-based and intended for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford one of our photography classes.

The Scholarship this term is awarded to two photographers who will each receive:
— credit for full tuition to participate in the StrudelmediaLive class "Bringing Depth to Your Longterm Project" taught by Anita Pouchard Serra (April 6–May 18, 2022),
— a private mentoring session with Anja Hitzenberger (founder of StrudelmediaLive), and
— will have their work featured on the StrudelmediaLive website.


March 17, 2022

Questions? Send us an email:

Open call for the Heather B. Mattera Opportunity Scholarship! This photography scholarship was established to provide a range of photographers the chance to develop their creative expression and refine their visual practice by studying with our accomplished international teachers. StrudelmediaLive believes that a diverse group of students enriches the learning experience for everyone involved, and this new scholarship works toward that goal by providing tuition assistance to students who wouldn’t normally be able to afford our classes.

Application Deadline:2022-03-17
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