Vestige Concept Gallery Presents their winter contemporary exhibition NOËL NOIR. This show aims to showcase works of art that most prominently features the color black. Artwork does not have to be representative of any holiday or religion, although it may feature winter imagery, "noir" imagery (ala noir film/photography/mystery/deep contrast) and/or contain minimalist aspects. Work that is primarily black and white but includes a touch of a complimentary color is also acceptable and these works should not be discouraged from applying. This show also aims to highlight contemporary elegance. Jewelry art or sculpture that is done in metals with traditional metallic color tones (i.e. silver) is also acceptable for this opportunity.

All artists are asked to consider their body of work and how black and white and/or noir themes differentiate their practice. Works can be from any medium, and should have sales appeal for the holiday season.

We accept artwork from any medium*, including Student, Emerging, Mid-Career, and/or Professional Artists. Work should follow and/or challenge the theme of the exhibit, can be evocative, and above all, should be attractive for audiences and collectors. Sculptural and 3D works are encouraged to apply.

(*We unfortunately cannot show video art at this time, but please inquire)

"NOËL NOIR" In-Person Opening Reception will be held Saturday, November 18th. Other mid-show events and sales promotions are TBD. The show runs to December 31st.

Application Deadline:2023-11-04
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