Joelle Wallach

Joelle Wallach makes her home in the Bronx where she was born, and writes music that speaks to the soul. Some of her music, like her String Quartet #2, explores intimate personal landscapes. Other works - like Toward a Time of Renewal, commissioned by the New York Choral Society or From the Forest of Chimneys written for the New York Philharmonic Ensembles - speak to larger human concerns, historical wrongs and hopes for the future. Her involvement in poetry and dance has generated collaborations with choreographers - like her ballet Glancing Below - and songs and choral works in English, Spanish and Hebrew in collaboration with many poets. Enthusiastic and humorous, Wallach is a popular professor and public speaker. At the New York Philharmonic she brings audiences fresh – and frequently funny - insights into familiar works and opens doors to modern ones and to those less frequently heard.
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