Howard Cash

Being raised in New York City in the 60s spoke to his awareness of beauty within diverse cultures. Douglass Houses on Manhattan’s Upper West Side offered him the opportunity of growing up surrounded by fun and laughter. His family moved to The Bronx in 1967. The introduction to the writers and poets of the Harlem Renaissance by his high school English teacher, Mrs. Melton at Laurinburg Prep in North Carolina; an African-American boarding school, minus the confusion, chaos and criminal elements of teenage city living exposed his life to the positive nuances of wit, intelligence, unity, talent, perseverance, creativity, power, beauty, sensitivity, brilliance, hard work, integrity, honor, and fun. His journey in photography began in college at Los Angeles City College, was nurtured in West Africa, and continues in New York City. As an artist he has a conversation in threes: first with himself, next with his audience and finally with history.
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