Flyer design for Barriers to Health Care story exchange and a brain research study of pain

We are looking for a Bronx artist to design 2 flyers that will engage people in the Bronx and across NYC, 18 and older, who have experienced barriers accessing the health care that they need. One flyer would invite people to participate in a survey and 'Barriers to Health Care' (B2HC) story exchange. This flyer could picture a patient telling a story or experiencing a barrier. The second flyer will invite people in the Bronx and NYC to participate in a brain imaging study where we will measure their responses to pain so that we can better understand the relationship between health care barriers and pain experiencing. The second flyer should include an image of a brain and and a person in pain. We will share the necessary text to overlay.

About the studies:
People will have an opportunity to share their stories with people who have similar struggles to those they faced, and we will also analyze the stories to learn what the barriers are for most people in the Bronx. We plan to disseminate this knowledge to improve the health care system. This research is approved by the IRB of Einstein College of Medicine in Morris Park in the Bronx. All research participants will give their informed consent and be paid for their participation. All research findings will be shared with the participants after the study is complete. Pain disorders disproportionately impact Black and Hispanic women, especially low income women, and the reasons for this are poorly understood. We hope this research will help us to better understand how discrimination and social exclusion alter the way the brain constructs the pain we feel. We hope to work with a Bronx artist who is interested in health justice. The images designed will be printed on physical flyers and be used in social media ads. All ads and flyers will be approved by our IRB before distribution. We would give credit to the designer on the flyer and in the ads.

We are looking for 2 full color designs with 2 opportunities for revision for a total of $100 per design (and additional $25 per revision). The source file should be included in the delivery so we can resize it and adjust text as needed. 1 - 2 week turn around (per flyer) is preferred. Please send a link to your portfolio if interested. The ideal design would have personality and life to them but still be clear and easy to understand.

Please email with your inquiries/interest.

Application Deadline:2023-11-30
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