Left field. Throwing something at the wall. (Un) Happy accidents. "F**KING IT UP" is about embracing imperfections. We are seeking works from any genre of art that are somehow accidental, experimental, mishaps, (un)intended, rough cuts, strokes of (non)genius, "oops," multiple attempts, frustrations, "give ups" (unfinished/finished), outtakes, and convey the artistic spirit of "let's try this!". Work could be funny, folksy, campy, and/or vulgar, but the art should still be commercially appealing. When applying, please include the story behind the work and why you feel it is "F**KING IT UP" material!

We are also seeking artwork from working artists that is non-typical for their portfolio (i.e. ceramics made by a painter).

Please Note: we are not looking for poor quality and shoddy works of art. Work should be in presentable (and stable) condition.

"F**KING IT UP" In-Person opening reception party will be held Saturday, August 20th, 2022 at 6 PM. Show will run approximately until the 2nd of October.

About the Gallery:

Vestige Concept Gallery specializes in curated monthly mixed exhibition opportunities that appeal to diverse range of artists, audiences, and buyers. Located in Lawrenceville, the new cultural heart of Pittsburgh, PA, the Gallery seeks to showcase the best of emerging and professional artist talent from across North America, and sell work at affordable prices through promotions and in-person events.

Application Deadline:2022-08-04
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