Emmitt Thrower

Emmitt Thrower

Creating film, for me, is the revolutionary process of communicating ideas and concepts that remind us that we are human. As humans, we all differ, but at the same time we share a common humanity.

Our views of the world are formed by our personal experiences. Experiences that moves us forward to a better understanding of the world we live in. We escape the confines of our own skin by exploring ourselves and taking risks. Allowing us to view the world in new and different ways. Enabling us to shape who we are. While revealing our true relationship to others and our communities. Thinking outside the perimeters of our personal histories permits us to grow. Slightly changing our point of view can uncover new ideas and visions. So we can develop a deeper understanding of who we are.

My film work is about challenging current boundaries and actively contributing to an ever evolving view of ourselves. I am a storyteller using images and sounds to tell our stories of failures and successes from a slightly different angle. My films are impactful, yet entertaining.

I aspire to teach about the value of human interaction. I want to break out of our technological relationships. Returning to real human interpersonal connections. Film reminds us that the life stories that we each are creating are not pre-written reruns. But original scripts that that we can edit and re-work so that we may arrive at the ending of our own choosing.

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