BCC Community Filmmakers Lab

Calling all creatives, aspiring filmmakers, previously enrolled students, and community members! Bronx Community College is pleased to announce its 2021 Community Filmmakers Lab in the division of Workforce Development and Continuing Education. This lab is for the development of creative filmmaking talent in our community. Our first cohort was a success where students made short films and completed short scripts. To register for our upcoming cohort please email the program manager, Michael.brown05@bcc.cuny.edu .
Please note all classes are virtual classes and students must have their own tablet or computer. Thank you!


Bronx Community College
Community Filmmakers Lab
Workforce Development and Continuing Education
To register: email MICHAEL.BROWN05@bcc.cuny.edu

SCREENWRITING course description:
starts January 21-April 29, 2021
Registration: $200
Meets Thursdays 6-9pm for 15 Weeks
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The virtual screenwriting course will be taught by award-winning filmmaker Pedro Resto.
The focus of the course is to help students develop an original idea into a screenplay draft. By using accelerated screenwriting techniques, students will learn the fundamentals of writing for film. Upon completion of the course, students will have a short screenplay written to add to their portfolio.

DIRECTING course description
starts January 20-April 28, 2021
Registration: $200
Meets Wednesdays 6-9pm for 15 weeks

The virtual directing course will be taught by seasoned educator and award-winning filmmaker Roderick Giles. The goal of the workshop is to introduce the students to the various ways to prepare to direct a narrative project, whether it’s a short, feature, sitcom or web series and have them develop a technique and process that suits them. Upon completion of the course, the goal is to direct a short film.

Application Deadline:2021-01-21
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