Actors Fund Covid-19 Emergency Relief

Since June 8, 1882, The Actors Fund has been here to support everyone in entertainment.

In times of uncertainty around public health crises, natural disasters or other life events, we’re still here for you.

To assist everyone who works in performing arts and entertainment across the country, The Fund collaborates with our community to help people to navigate challenging times.

Since March 18, 2020, The Actors Fund has distributed more than $25 million in emergency financial assistance to more than 17,000 people in our industry. This money is helping people cover basic living expenses, such as food, essential medications, utilities and more

The Actors Fund helps everyone working in performing arts and entertainment—whether it is on stage, on camera or behind the scenes—throughout theater, film, television, music and dance. Our emergency financial assistance program provides temporary financial assistance to those with documented financial need due to unforeseen circumstances.

Application Deadline:2022-04-18
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