Bronx Cultural Visions Fund

Up to $10k for Concept Development or $20k for Production

Supported by the Howard Gilman Foundation

New Work

The Bronx Cultural Visions Fund (BCVF) seeks to support the development of new ideas and the production of new work in the performing arts, including but not limited to dance, music, theater, performance art, and multi-disciplinary performance work. Open to Bronx-based emerging and mid-career individual artists and organizations with budgets up to $250,000, BCVF awards are intended to have a meaningful impact on an artist’s career or an organization’s development.

The BCVF represents a significant investment in The Bronx’s performing arts scene, and the Bronx Council of the Arts (BCA) will be developing long-term relationships with each grantee. We will remain actively engaged with applicants and grantees throughout the process, from the letter of intent through the realization of funded projects.

BCVF Application Process

For BCVF, the first step of the review process is the screening of all LOIs for eligibility and then for basic satisfaction of the 4 review criteria. The criteria are listed below, and also on page 6 of the guidelines. This phase will be conducted by BCA senior staff and invited performing arts professionals who live in NYC.

If invited to submit a full proposal, the second step of the review process is for each proposal to be read by a specially convened BCVF panel of 3-5 performing arts professionals who live in NYC. They will determine the strongest proposals and choose at least 5 awards in each category (Concept Development and Production).


  • Is the project stewarding cultural heritage, innovating, sharing a new perspective, or probing/pushing boundaries? Is there a compelling vision or original voice?
  • Is technical expertise, skill, and/or ingenuity evident in the work samples?
  • Are the outcomes achievable? Are the plans realistic?
  • Does the project represent a new direction or growth for the applicant?

Applications are now closed.


(Los instructivos también están disponibles en español.)


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