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CALLING ALL WRITERS AND ARTISTS! Submit your work in the next issue of the Library Zine: Voices from Across the New York Public Library. This issue’s theme: Stay Connected

Near…far…wherever you are.

It’s not just the beginning of a famous song but it is how we had to form our connections with our family and friends during the pandemic. But one thing lockdowns have shown us is that there are different ways to connect with people. Even though we have resumed some kind of normalcy, the new ways of connection is not something that should be forgotten. That is what we like to know from you! How do you stay connected? What old or new ways have you found to connect with the world?

Answer these questions and more in our 2023 Zine theme: Stay Connected. This theme is centered around how we are staying connected in this “new normal”. Although these past few years have been difficult for many, don’t feel limited to addressing current events. The Zine Committee is looking for creative and unique takes on how we stay connected in the world we live.

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Application Deadline:2023-10-01
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