Open Call for Art for Whitney White project

The Bushwick Starr, in collaboration with Whitney White, invites US-based artists to submit work within the mediums of: video, design, photography, painting, drawing, and other visual forms, speaking to the themes of Black women’s mental, physical, and sexual health. These pieces will accompany an installation production of DEFINITION by Whitney White to be held in summer of 2021 at the Mercury Store in New York City. This initiative is an effort to expand artistic opportunities limited by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The exhibition is a response to the upcoming DEFINITION created by Whitney White, a musical and theatrical experience piece which takes a surrealist look at an African American woman's inner awakenings. (Previously workshopped with Ars Nova, and Sundance Theatre Institute).

Selected artists will receive an honorarium, and work will be exhibited in concert with work by Whitney White, Dan Rosato, Daniel Soule, Stacey Derosier, and Johnny Moreno.

Selected works must be submitted to The Bushwick Starr either digitally, shipped, or delivered in person (contactless) no later than May 20 2021.

Artists should feel free to submit previously created work, or respond with new work that defies genre boundaries, embraces the tenants of Afro-surrealism, and centers Black women’s experience.

Pieces may be inspired by (but are not limited to): Black women’s mental health, Black women’s sexuality, intersectional feminism, intimacy and communication in the modern setting, work-life balance, Renee Magritte, reality vs. fantasy) / LOCATIONS OF INTEREST: (offices and work spaces, the bedroom and intimate spaces, therapy and spaces of the mind, museums, and colonial art spaces). Read below for further details on specific categories.

Full details and breakdown of honorarium can be found at the link shared.

Application Deadline:2021-04-15
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