La Bruja (Caridad De La Luz)

Woman in foreground facing the camera smiling with black hat. Outdoor scenery in background.
Caridad De La Luz is a multifaceted performer known as LA BRUJA who won an Emmy in 2022 as Script Writer of “Legacy of Puerto Rican Poetry,” a Cultural Short that aired on ABC 2021. As of January 2022, she also became the Executive Director of the NUYORICAN POETS CAFE where she began her career in 1996. Winner of the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship 2019-2020, and a 2021 David Prize finalist, Caridad balances a career of activism, education and art with performances in successful Off-Broadway musicals such as I LIKE IT LIKE THAT and BETSY as the title role. She raps, acts, sings, hosts, recites, dances, does stand up comedy, writes plays/poems/songs/scripts, and teaches others how to do the same. She has been one of America's leading spoken word poets for over 20 years and has received the Puerto Rican Women Legacy Award, The Edgar Allan Poe Award from The Bronx Historical Society and was honored as A Bronx Living Legend by The Bronx Music Heritage Center. She was presented with a Citation of Merit from The Bronx Borough President and named “Top 20 Puerto Rican Women Everyone Should Know.” NY Times called her a “Juggernaut" after the first off-Broadway run of her original musical BOOGIE RICAN BLVD. where she played 7 different characters. Her acting career has taken her from stage to film: appearing in numerous movies such as BAMBOOZLED, DOWN TO THE BONE, EL VACILON and GUN HILL ROAD. Her albums include Brujalicious and For Witch It Stands.

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