Jerome Hill Artist Fellowships support early career Minnesota- and New York City-based generative artists who take creative risks in exploring, expanding, imagining, or re-imagining creative practices and experiences; reclaiming or reviving traditional forms in original ways; and/or questioning, challenging, or disrupting cultural norms.

Jerome Foundation seeks to support artists who are creating, developing, and presenting imaginative work that is deeply considered, presented with technical skill, is compelling, and offers a distinctive vision and authentic voice.

This three-year Fellowship supports artists who embrace their roles as part of a larger community of artists and citizens, and consciously work with a sense of service and responsibility.

Support is directed to early career artists, which Jerome Foundation defines as within their 2nd–10th year as a generative artist.

Fellows receive $60,000 over three consecutive years ($20,000 each year) to support their time and expenses for the creation of new work, artistic development and/or professional artistic career development. The Foundation expects to award a total of 45 fellowships across 7 artistic fields.

Application Deadline:2024-04-15
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