Creatives Rebuild New York

Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) is a three-year, $125 million initiative that will provide guaranteed income and employment opportunities for up to 2,700 artists throughout New York State. These two components will work to alleviate the unemployment of artists, continue the creative work of artists in partnership with their communities and arts and cultural organizations, and enable artists to continue working and living in New York State under less financial strain.

Simply put, we must move beyond valuing the artistic product and begin to value the humanity of the artist. Artists need and deserve to be paid predictable and regular incomes.
CRNY’s guaranteed income program will provide monthly, no-strings-attached payments to up to 2,400 artists with financial need.

CRNY’s employment program will fund employment for 300 artists in partnerships with dozens of community-based organizations across New York State for two years. Participating artists will receive a salary commensurate with New York State median income data, plus benefits, with dedicated time to focus on their practice. Participating organizations will receive overhead funds to support artists’ employment.

These programs and funding will be dedicated solely to artists whose primary residence is in New York State.

Application Deadline:2022-03-31
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