Uncool Artist – UA International Artist Residency

UA Residency at the Brooklyn Navy Yard offers a unique studio experience, connections with diverse artists and curators, and a curated group show at UA Gallery. Tuition starts at $2,800 per four-week cycle. Financial aid is available.

UAR is more than just an art residency program – it’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about contemporary visual arts. Located in the most exciting area of Brooklyn*, our program offers a unique opportunity to connect with the city’s vibrant art scene and other creative individuals.

Uncool Artist has been providing an exclusive international art residency program for visual artists since 2018. The program offers an array of extraordinary activities, connections with eminent professionals, and studio spaces in the lively borough of Brooklyn. As a welcoming community, Uncool Artist provides strong links with skilled and benevolent mentors, curators, critics, and gallerists. We offer a distinctive environment for artists to delve deep into their practices, explore unique opportunities to showcase their creations, present meaningful projects, and build a sustainable career in the arts.

Application Deadline:2024-04-07

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