The Natural Knitting Project

The Natural Knitting Project
The Natural Knitting Project is designed to teach community members how to create one ecologically friendly product. This at first will seem like a simple scarf but the creation of this scarf will involve so much more. The process will include the following: grow a plant, use the plant to dye your wool, knit your scarf, learn how to recycle your used scarf yarn for a future project.

Community members working on this project will learn how to grow a dye plant, break it down for a natural dye bath, and finally ending with compost. Wool yarn (enough to make a scarf) will be provided for dyeing. After the yarn is dried and knitted with a garter stitch participants will learn how to properly dismantle their scarves after it's usefulness has ended. The recycled yarn will be used for a future product resulting in less waste.

Everyone participating will fill out a survey about their shopping habits. The information gathered in this survey will be used to compare how much waste we create clothes shopping to how much waste was created making this scarf. The data comparison and final eco-friendly products will be displayed for one month in Kelly Street Garden's community room to educate the public about personal consumer waste.

The Natural Knitting Project will teach everyone alternatives to wasteful shopping and design practices. Art and textiles does not have to pollute the earth.

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