Process Reimagined Building it Up to Tear it Down

Photo credit: Sakura Abdel-Rahman, Ibaraki, 2022, vellum, ink, paper, varied dimensions

The exhibition considers two diametrically opposed approaches in the spectrum of making; the first, the maker is cognizant of their process of removing their ‘hand’ from their act of making. In the second, the artist carefully considers leaving traces of the creative act as integral to the artwork itself. Connected through the broad processes of making, evidence of labor, and the absence of the artist's hand, Process Reimagined – Building it up to Tear it Down presents a series of artworks across a range of mediums and disciplines. Focusing on the ebb and flow of construction/deconstruction this examination of varied processes elucidates how the conceptual aims of each artist are inherently tied to their personal act of making.


Rachel Sydlowski


Sakura Abdel-Rahman | Duane Bailey-Castro | Karewith Casas | Anny Chen | Christian Amaya Garcia | Sonja John |  Matt Robinson


Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 29th, 6PM – 8PM 

Public Program: Wednesday, April 19th, 6PM – 8PM

Closing Reception: Wednesday, May 3rd, 6PM – 8PM 



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