Harlem Sculpture Gardens Open Call for Artists

Harlem Sculpture Gardens announces its first call for outdoor sculpture, dance and sound art in West Harlem, New York City. The historic parks Morningside, St. Nicholas, and Jackie Robinson have been selected to be the featured sites for these works. Harlem Sculpture GardensSM will be led by the West Harlem Art Fund and New York Artist Equity Association. They will work collaboratively with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, local community boards, neighborhood groups and various committees.

Sculptures must be suitable for general viewing and pose no threat to public safety; no sexual, political, or violent content will be accepted. Materials must be resilient enough to withstand the harsh NYC weather. Artists will be required to maintain their sculptures throughout the duration of the exhibiting time frame including but not limited to damage from weather or vandals. Neither the City of New York nor the show presenters are liable for damage nor able to maintain the sculptures. Artist assumes responsibility for transportation and delivery to and from the display site. An applicant can be an individual artist or a team of artists. Artists and galleries or groups of artists can form teams as well. Individual artists or key team members must demonstrate NYC residency. Site-specific works are strongly recommended but not required. Tours will be made available to artists along with additional reference information. West Harlem's cultural, demographic, and natural history can be the inspiration for submissions. The exhibition is open to all artists. Artists of color and emerging artists from underserved communities are strongly encouraged to apply. Presenters will cover comprehensive general liability insurance and a bond to the City of New York to cover site restoration.

Sculpture Submission Requirements
• A written description of proposed artwork, including: title, medium, dimensions (height x width x depth), weight, installation method and anchoring procedure. Disclaimer: All work should NOT exceed 10 Feet in ANY dimension.
• If proposing existing work: photographs or slides of artwork; include reference to human scale.
• If proposing a new work: working drawings or photograph of maquette to scale.
• Artist’s statement and resume
• Proposed location for the installation
• Up to ten images of the artist’s previous work. All images must be clearly labeled with the name of the artist, title of the work, media and dimensions.

Sound Art & Dance Requirements
• Written proposal for exploring dance or sound in a public space.
• Sound art/sound compositions must be fixed media works to be streamed over a smart phone at specific chosen location, triggered by GPS coordinates
using the STQRY platform.
• Additional sound art works that do not require AC power requirements will
be considered.
• Propose duration of a sound or dance work
• Propose location of a sound or dance work - Morningside, St. Nicholas, Jackie Robinson Park
• Individual artist or team statements and resumes
• Up to three examples of previous works (audio/movement photograph/video- no more than 10 min)
• Willingness to lead public workshops

Please note: The approval process for Dance and Sound Art will be made by the Advisory Committee and the permitting is handled as a special event through the NYC Department of Parks and recreation.

Please send an email stating your interest in order to receive additional information and tour dates. Deadline for all submissions is September 15, 2023 at 5 pm. No exceptions. Submit proposals electronically to: westharlemartfund12@gmail.com or info@nyartistsequity.org.

Application Deadline:2023-09-15
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