Ensemble Forward - grant support for NYC-based emerging classical ensembles

Ensemble Forward is a grant program for chamber ensembles that are based in NYC (the five boroughs).

The groups will be in their mid- to late 20s but may not be student ensembles.

The purpose of Ensemble Forward is to help emerging ens​embles refine their group sound by working with a chamber music coach and to help them on their career path as an ensemble.

The components of the program are as follow:

-- Four chamber ensemble coachings (in person, digital or a combination of these)
-- Coaches are paid $500 per session/4 sessions -- totaling $2,000
-- Each ensemble member receives $200 per coaching for the 4 sessions as well -- totaling $800 per musician
-- Registration to the CMA National Conference (taking place digitally January 11-15, 2021)
-- A skill-building workshop (to be held in Spring 2021)

Grant cycle: January 1 - December 31, 2021

Application Deadline:2020-10-16
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