Women in Comics Con 2 and Eisner 75 years of the Spirit and beyond

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“Eisner and 75 years of the Spirit and beyond” is a celebration of the  Jewish artist, Will Eisner who lived on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx and created what we know today as the modern day American graphic novel and monthly comic book. Will Eisner also re-invented the newspaper by creating the concept of “the Sunday comic strip where cartoons, known as the ‘funnies’ covered news about the great depression. He did this through his company Iger & Eisner. The gallery event will take place in Poe Park visiting Center during the month of March 2016. The Bronx community will be exposed to the historical artworks of Will Eisner’s Comic Strips from the 1940’s of “The Spirit”, his graphic novels “A Contract with God” and “Dropsie Avenue”, original art, prints, water colored lithographs , a graphic novel library of his collected works, and his illustrated military manuals which taught soldiers how to fix and repair automobiles, use tools, clean weapons and how to stay alive during the Vietnam War. Also in March 2016, in celebration of Women’s History Month, Bronx Heroes®, plans to launch its second annual “Women in Comics Con”. With a new line up of diverse female professionals who work in comics, cosplay, film, and animation. Bronx Heroes hopes to foster and encourage girls, and young women in the Bronx towards careers in media entertainment. LIve conversations will be held with female Bronxites and professionals in the industry.

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