Underneath The Accent of My Skin

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This is a multidisciplinary project-based series of 5 workshop sessions with emphasis on creative writing, storytelling, photography, collage and air dry clay. It will culminate with a public exhibit of the process, a reading and a follow up with workshop participants to create an anthology of poetry and short narrative. INTRODUCTION: No matter where we come from, or the circumstances that brought us here, we become “the other” when we find it possible to relate to one another, only if we were to look at our similarities instead of looking at our differences. In a world swamped by the spree of globalization and digital communication, the human notion of identity acquires a multiplicity of nuances through storytelling and visual representations such as clay sculptures, photography, drawing and mixed media. The creative process becomes a vehicle for self-awareness, allowing our “hyphenated identities” to acquire a sense of universality through the fabric of our singularity.

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