Through a Feminine Lens – Exhibit at Longwood Gallery @ Hostos

Bronx News 12: July 12th, 2018


THE BRONX – A female photography exhibit is on display at Hostos Community College.

The exhibit “Through the Feminine Lens” at the Longwood Art Gallery on the campus highlights seven female photographers all from the Bronx.

It’s an idea Juanita Lanzo wanted to focus on throughout her 12 years as curator of the art gallery.

Melanie Gonzalez, one of the photographers whose work is featured in the gallery is known for her innovative layering style.

“I just wanted to create work about travel and the technical process of photography, and through my feminine lens, that’s what I see,” Gonzalez says.

Some of the other photographers touch on topics like race and immigration.

The exhibit will be on display through August 8.

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