Robleswrites Presents: The Abuela Stories Project

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Grandmother, Nana, Mamá- no matter how we describe them, Abuelas play a pivotal role in our identity through chancletazos, gentle hugs, or vivid memories. The Abuela Stories Project, presented by Robleswrites Productions, intends to highlight the essence of Abuelas, their guidance, distinctive personalities, and detriments through original works of poetry, prose, and photography. Award-winning poet Peggy Robles- Alvarado created this project after becoming an Abuela in her thirties and as an act of creative rebellion against those who found little value in stories about these modern day matriarchs. Seeking to depict Abuelas and their evolving roles within present day parameters, Peggy partner with Bronx based visual artist and photographer Daisy Arroyo who captured Abuelas as artists, dancers, and rebels redefining themselves. Her images serve as inspiration for a group of intergenerational female writers to create passionate and sometimes painful original works of Abuelas and the lives they’ve touched.

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