Noel Arroyo

Noel Arroyo

Categories: Visual Arts, Community Arts, Street Art

Noel Arroyo is a self-taught artist who has held a life-long fascination with abstract art, expressionism, and the many beautiful ways human beings interpret the world around them.

Born in Puerto Rico in 1975, he moved to New York City as a child. There on the streets of Spanish Harlem and the Bronx, Arroyo fell in love with urban street art. Drawn to the exquisite lettering and vibrant culture of respect between artists, he soon began painting walls himself. It was his teenage career as a street artist and years spent among other passionate graffiti artists that solidified his path and passion for art.

Now, Arroyo has traded walls for canvases and spray paint for ink and acrylics. He has developed his very own graffiti-inspired style of abstract art, using urban-inspired calligraphy to form bold symbols and modern patterns. An idealist and humanitarian, Arroyo is most passionate about using his calligraffiti to fold uplifting messages into traditional motifs of life and rebirth.

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