Mary Goggin

Mary Goggin

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"Runaway Princess", a hopeful tale of heroin, hooking and happiness"
WHAT IS Runaway Princess?
“Once upon a time, there was a Princess born to a King and Queen who were banished from their island, forced to flee to America in a coffin ship.” Thus begins the tale of the Runaway Princess... in which Mary Goggin shares a true story, laced with wicked humor and much pathos, of her Bronx Irish Catholic upbringing, drug addiction and prostitution, and the multitude of characters she encountered along the way to ultimately finding joy.
Six months after the death of her mother “Runaway Princess, a Hopeful tale of Heroin, Hooking and Happiness”  2017. Under the direction of Dan Ruth, moved Off Broadway to Theater Row. Winning “Best Storyteller,” “Critics Choice,” and “Bestseller” at United Solo.
Galway Fringe 2019, Winner Best Actor - Lauded by Malachy McCourt 
Charm City Fringe Winner ”Fringiest Show.”

Services Offered

Solo show 

 1 hr ..1 chair 

with or without talkback or "Writing your life" workshop

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Below is a sample event October 10th and 12th, 2021
Runaway Princess: A Hopeful Tale of Heroin, Hooking, and Happiness. Performances immediately followed by a talk back with a panel of human trafficking experts: Mary Goggin, survivor, Runaway Princess writer and performer; James P. Murphy, Detective Sergeant with the Suffolk County Police Department; and Molly England, MSW, Suffolk County Anti-Trafficking Initiative (SCATI) Task Force Coordinator.
My Mission is to use theater to change perceptions and therefore lives.. I share my secrets, which gives others permission to share theirs, uncovering the root cause, the reasons survivors are vulnerable to being trafficked, addicted, and abused. My show provides hope and inspires; de-stigmatizing survivors of trafficking, addicts, alcoholics, battered women. It is a riveting journey to humanity. Mary Goggin, AEA, DG, SAG/AFTRA NY actor. 25 years.
The above event is an example of community engagement. Above  engagement was made possible by a grant from city artist corp. 

Contact Information

Phone: 917-825-4826
Address: 2860 buhre ave 5 h, Bronx, Ny 10461

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