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Hu Zhiying

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Hu Zhiying is the ultimate authentic artist, with a fierce individualism and a powerful no-compromise personality.

——Didier Hirsch

I enjoy Hu Zhiying’s Buddhist Scriptures the most. They showcase his facility and also show off his own personal vision and voice. His voice is very powerful and can stand alone.

——William J. Sheehy

Illustrating what he calls the ‘cultural contrast’, Hu Zhiying brings together traditional Chinese art with the eclectic styles of the West. He combines traditional Chinese symbolism and landscape with the elements of the various styles of Western art all coming together to create something more than art — something equal to the real world. Using Chinese varnish, silver, and gold powder with traditional ink, oils and acrylics, Hu Zhiying is able to create a unique style that pierces into the soul.

——Adam Donald

Hu Zhiying makes a major statement about the multicultural currents of cross-fertilization of influence, inspiration and innovation that unite painters of the past, present, and future.

——Ed McCormack

Hu Zhiying is not only a talented artist but also an independent meditator. He has substituted the cultural theme of ultimate thinking for the original theme of 'body and mind'. Hu Zhiying’s personal religious tendency leads to his reverence for the persevering pursuit, and at the same time Hu's inherent cultural conviction has determined the freedom and diversity of his choice of resources of image.

——Gao Minglu, Freedom of a Lonely Passenger

The installation art of Hu Zhiying is a journey of process and discovery. Form his installation work since the '90's where he illustrates an understanding of traditional Eastern arts, where reverence of nature and solitude are explored through a masterful fluidity of art form with complex elements. But as a thinking artist, Hu begins to explore the ephemera of Western Culture. Western motifs insinuate themselves into his work. Hu investigates the overbearing elements of Western Culture, where production and consumption become process of themselves replacing the value of the human consumer.

——Paul Bridgewater

My concept of “Natural Aesthetics”, which had always been said to be a consistent tendency of aesthetics since the 1990s, in his present installations. And in my word “natural” he didn’t mean only the natural tradition (including modern art), but also my natural instinct and professional art intuition. The crucial part was not the doubts about industrial civilization (although spectator might think so), but the natural existence - a combination of self-statement and paraphrase that had been made natural through artificial evolution, and a mixture of both self-presentation and expression. That is to say, the installation had presented a real “nature” state that I infiltrated in advance. Maybe it’s some illusions that are existed in real life, which was generated between intuitiveness and existence and made the modern civilization a fairy tale world by both sharing and isolating.

——Hu Zhiying

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Selected Solo Exhibitions

2008 – Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, Galleria Piziarte, Teramo, Italy

2009 – Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, World Fine Art Gallery, New York

2010 – Beyond the Chains of Illusion——Hu Zhiying’s Paintings (1989-2009), the Wall Art Museum, Beijing

2016 – The Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales, installation, Museum of Modern Art, New York

2017 – Experience and Transcendence: Hu Zhiying’s Art (1987-2017), 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou

Selected Group Exhibitions

1992 – Big-Tail Elephant, The United Art Exhibition, the building of Guangdong Broadcast and Television University, Guangzhou

1996 – Shanghai First International Fax Art Exhibition, Huashan Art School Gallery, Shanghai

1996 – China-Aktuelles aus 15 Ateliers, Munich, Germany

1996 – CHINA NOW! Basel, Switzerland

2010 – Season and Color, Realism Gallery, New York

2011 – Window in the Wall:India and China – Imaginary Conversations, Pearl Lam Fine Art, Shanghai

2012 – ART FRONTIER Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing

2013 – 55th Venice Biennale • Voice of the Unseen, Venice, Italy

2014 – The SCOPE Miami Beach 2014 - Art Take Miami, FL

2015 – The Exposure Award, Louvre Museum, Paris

2017 – Diplomatic Language, etc., Dia:Beacon, New York

2018 – Beyond the Creation, UFO in the Room, Beautiful Lady Spies, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

2018 – Abolition of the Death Penalty, Unable to Get New Childhood, New Museum, New York

2018 – No Movie (2), Why Is It A Toad? (2), installation, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

2018 – Hungry Sheep (1) (2), 2018, The Geometry of Meditation (1) (2), installation, New York the Met Cloisters

2019 – Postcolonial Workshop, installation, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


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