Dario Mohr

Dario Mohr

Categories: Teaching Artist, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Dario Mohr is a New York City based interdisciplinary artist who creates interactive sanctuary experiences. Born in 1988, Mohr received a BFA from Buffalo State College, and an MFA from The City College of New York. In addition to work created in painting, sculpture or made digitally, he often includes assembled objects to build immersive "sacred spaces". These often exist in unexpected places, using mundane objects. Because objects are endowed with the significance that the viewer blesses it with, his work can provide a lot of space for divergent perspectives and interpretations. The recycling of old work is also fundamental to Mohr's practice. You will see previously created paintings and sculptures as well as the reuse of objects, textiles, cushions and other elements in future works. Sometimes a previously used item provides the perfect juxtaposition to enhance or add depth to new explorations. In addition to his individual art practice, he is also the Founder and Director of AnkhLave Arts Alliance, Inc. which is a non-profit for the recognition and representation of BIPOC artists in contemporary art.

Services Offered

Sanctuaries are reverential in nature, and often comprise both art and object. I construct these experiences using culturally relevant materials that reference the black experience, pop culture, and my own explorations in spirituality as an agnostic. I believe that whatever you put your attention to grows, and with this in mind, I carefully curate sanctuaries so that my audience can feel like they have entered a sacred space, decontextualized from religion.


My art practice is interdisciplinary, involving painting, sculpture, assemblage, installation and digital art, with creative reuse being a major part of my practice. Many leftover works from previous concentrations usually end up recycled and repurposed for new art. As a result, my work is constantly evolving. With each reuse, an object or artwork develops more power through the increasingly complex associations they can take on through its history of reuse. I am able to relive or recontextualize memories, construct new narratives, and explore new perspectives and philosophies through their reuse. Although these come from a personal place, I hope that my audience can experience them in ways that ring true for them.

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Website: www.DarioMohr.com

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