D.M. Charles

D.M. Charles

Categories: Writing & Literature

D. M. Charles is an African-American comic book writer living in the Coop City section of the Bronx. Graduating with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Black Studies, Derrick never officially pursued writing academically. Instead, he became interested in the field of writing in the years following his graduation when he rediscovered his love reading through fantasy novels and comic books.

He began working on his first story, Ninja Express, in 2009 as a solo work. In 2010, Derrick began collaborating with Pronto Comics, producing the story Cold Night and forming his partnership with Ninja Express artist Drake Tenta. Derrick is currently working on moving into children’s books and short stories.

He is a two time BRIO (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) grant winner in the field of illistrated text.

Services Offered

Script and text writing.

Script and text editing.

Dungeon Mastering.

Contact Information

Phone: 914-462-6670
Website: https://ninjaexpresscomic.com/

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