Chakima Micheau

Chakima Micheau

Categories: Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

As a Bronx native born in 1985, my works are heavily influenced by moments in black pop culture having and grown up in 1990’s New York City. There in a five story walk up I began drawing images that were shaped by hours spent watching Nickelodeon, admiring Tinker Hatfield’s innovative Air Jordan designs for Nike and my Caribbean heritage. All of my interests past and present have come to inform my eye for shape and color. After spending time studying at FIT and eventually graduating from SVA with a BFA in illustration in 2013 , I've gone on to explore narrative pieces centering around parts of New York City life non natives seldom see. The bodegas, street wear as symbols of status, the piragua man competing with fleets of Mr. Softee ice cream trucks on humid summer days, young men selling candy on the trains, life before gentrification and so on all captured in her preferred medium acrylic. When not painting, I've used sketchbooks to mourn fallen pop icons while also dabbling in markers.

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