Mobile Printmaking At Mott Haven Library

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For Mobile Printmaking at Mott Haven Library, I will teach silkscreen printmaking to a group of 15-20 youth, ages 8-17, at Mott Haven Library, using a specially designed mobile silkscreen printmaking cart. These 8 weekly workshops will be free and open to the public. This group of youth will create a series of collaborative designs with text and image that directly relate to the history of Mott Haven and Mott Haven Library. Having developed silkscreen printmaking skills and a body of work, the group will plan and implement a participatory public print event. This culminating event will take place at the library and in the area surrounding the library on Alexander Ave and E 140th st. During this event, the public will be invited to print using the mobile cart. Youth will share their printmaking skills and explain the process that they used to create their artwork, including how they conducted research and how they were able to work collaboratively.

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