Mighty Manida – Back to School Celebration

Mighty Manida, an all-day block party, will focus on creating awareness of THE POINT services on our very own block, which sometimes seems missing. Unlike other back-to-school events, it will be more about celebrating young people than providing giveaways. There will be free haircuts, art workshops, neighborhood tabling, food and music.

ArTechCollective, AHRCNYC will provide a series of workshops using recyclable materials, based on Annie Leonard’s philosophy of “There is no such thing as away. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere” There will be three artists supported by ArTechCollective, AHRCNYC. The first workshop will be creating artwork on MetroCards. These MetroCards will be painted and also collaged with recyclable materials. The second activity will be narrating poems about recycling and the importance of nature. The teaching artist will also create haikus and poems with the kids in the community. The third activity will be a mural, where people will paint their thoughts about how we can reduce waste as a community, starting by looking within ourselves. We hope that some of the haikus and poems created can be included in the mural.

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