Jennifer Tomaiolo

Jennifer Tomaiolo earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NY, an MFA from Brooklyn College and an AS in Chemistry from NYC College of Technology.  From her studio in the Bronx, she studies and experiments with the interposition of patterns, figurative forms, and the landscape; natural rhythms that have been perceived and explored by artists in cultural patterns throughout art history. She is particularly interested in Greek, Roman and Islamic mosaic and tile work, visiting archeological sites and museums in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Morocco so far, with plans to visit more. She researches and engages with the iconography of art history with an emphasis on the role of women, piecing together a story that is not in the written record, a story that has been downplayed and distorted, but of which traces remain in imagery.

Lisa Ross

Lisa Ross is a New York-based artist.  She received an...