Jeanie Friedman


Jeannie is a mixed media artist with strong working-class roots, acutely aware of everyday and extraordinary violence inflicted on girls and women. For three decades, prior to focusing on mixed media art, she led a creative team of designers/writers producing innovative educational materials for schools. Her professional/political work has always been informed by the needs of children and women. Currently, she works with commonplace materials: used dresses, discarded wood. Materials as every day as the violent acts they portray. Clothing tells so much about the female who wore it; she’s a real person. Discarded pieces of wood, jagged, and heavy are symbolic of targeted rage so often directed at girls and women. She combines these two disparate materials. People become desensitized to brutality when all they hear are statistics. This art is created to help repair the disconnection to the violated, and reconnect people to them, as real individuals.

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