Jazz Apprieciation Month at Woodlawn

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The Woodlawn Conservancy will host a series of tours, musical performances, lectures and social media initiatives to celebrate Jazz Appreciation month at the Woodlawn Cemetery, a National Historic Landmark. Established in 1863, the historic burial ground is known internationally as the final resting place of many jazz greats including Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Lionel Hampton, WC Handy, King Oliver and many others. During the course of the month, tours will be led by jazz experts and be offered to student groups, senior organizations and the general public. The celebration will culminate on April 26th with the Duke Ellington Birthday event. This year’s theme is “The Thread of Latin Jazz.” Programming and performances will trace the early influences of Puerto Rican musicians that lead to the integration of Latin Rhythms into the repertoire of “The Maestro.”

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