Hip Hop Summer School

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A 5-6 week youth-based curriculum focusing on the 4 elements of Hip Hop (MC, DJ, Breakdance, Graffiti). Each element will be taught by expert artists in the field. Classes will focus on the history and modern-day application of the craft via hands-on learning, workshops, field trips, and special guests. At the end of the program, each class will be responsible for contributing to a “4 Elements Jam” where students will apply what they’ve learned to create an authentic and unifying performance party. Graffiti students will create the backdrop/set, MC students will host, DJ students will provide music, and breakdance students will dance and perform.

Heriberto Sanchez

Heriberto Sanchez was born in Puebla, Mexico and moved to...

Elias Williams

Elias Williams is a documentary and portrait photographer based in...