Carolyn Harrison

After completing her BA in Theatre at Bucknell University and her MA in Directing at Antioch University-McGregor School, Carolyn freelanced nationally as a director and theater arts consultant.  Her theater arts education career spans 25 years and includes having served as Chair of Fine & Performing Arts at Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, OH and Department Chair of Theater and Middle School Theater Director at The Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn, NY. Carolyn’s directing credits include over 25 published and newly adapted plays.  Precious Metals: Beauty in Brokenness, a bio-mythological choreo-poem, is her first original work.  Precious Metals was showcased as a one-woman show in February 2016 at the Bronx Academy of Art & Dance (B.A.A.D).  Carolyn is grateful to call the Bronx her home where she receives daily inspiration for her creative pursuits as a director, producer, and playwright.
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