Corinne Grondahl

During her career, Corinne Grondahl's art has crossed over into different disciplines that utilized recycled and repurposed materials.  One of her more prestigious commissions was the design of the glass screens at the Mosholu Parkway train station in the Bronx.  Corinne developed an innovative technique she described as "Tie Painting."  These installations were created with discarded silk neckties acquired from Goodwill, seamlessly sewn to replicate brushstrokes. When Corinne was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in 2012, she began work on smaller scale art, creating the sculpture series "Water Warriors."  These pieces reflect her life on the water in the Bronx.  The materials for their creation were scavenged from the beach.  Hopefully, these figures will engage young people in conservation and show that creativity is not limited to conventional materials.  This series was inspired by the North Pacific gyre composed of discarded plastic and dead biological matter reflected in these works.
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