Global Gupit Gupit: Endangered Species

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For the fulfillment of an exclusive series of free comprehensive workshops for children in Global Gupit Gupit, I am requesting the amount of $2,500, to be utilized for artist fee, promotion, and advertising, artist materials and supplies. A previous collaborator, Poe Park has agreed to provide matching funds to subsidize the rental of the workspace, provide work tables, and artistic personnel to assist in the workshops, for a select group of (20) students. Following the workshops, the completed projects will be photographed and displayed, culminating at a special event which will be open to parents, teachers, and the public. The project is entitled ‘Endangered Species’, enacted to illicit attention to a plight of grave concern; the current and systematic extermination of the Earth’s most awesome creatures. That animals such as Tigers, Elephants, Rhinoceros, and Sharks are all on the verge of extinction is the urgent focal point of this crucial project, one that evokes a collective thread of consciousness through 3-dimensional designs created by the children. As Global Gupit Gupit is a unique form of paper sculpture that excludes no one and allows anyone to be creative, with or without experience in art; thus the children themselves, all instructed in the art form, take part in alerting society to the present annihilation taking place of species sacred to our animal kingdom; with expanded imagination for a heartfelt cause.

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