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I am respectfully requesting funds to enable 22 instructional classes (in 4 cycles) and 3 public art events. Comic Culture has traditionally utilized popular urban culture, Manga and American cartooning to benefit the people of the Bronx communities. Benefits have included a stronger skill-set (including critical thinking, drawing, writing, dynamic drawing, inking, story-boarding, sequential storytelling and even sculpture) and has fostered a greater understanding of ethnic, gender, and multicultural diversity. 2016’s cycle will use other related pop culture art-forms and crafts such as puppet-making, soft sculpture, and video-making. A greater focus on our cultural diversity and common history will include the myths of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, as well as Eastern and Southern Asian mythology. Our goals will have the students develop their own brand of storytelling will will result in stronger culminating projects. A greater reliance on digital media will help record progress and final projects. Real world themes such as our national ‘ISMS’ (racism, sexism, etc…), world hunger, and environmental issues will guide the narratives and art.

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