Alba Garcia


Alba E. García, a BRONX artist is an international award-winning filmmaker. She is currently working on her 4th film Dangerously Ever After, a stop-motion film based on the book in collaboration with the author Dashka Slater. In June of 2018, her new short film Dak’Toká Taíno/I am Taíno a live-puppet short was completed. The film reflects in the aftermath of hurricane María in Puerto Rico. Now is pursuing the OSCARS 2020.  Her film Time Space Reflections won International Film Festivals, 2014-2016. Alba is a writer, director, animator and a member of ASIFA Guild and Women in Animation. She opened FANTASIATION Studio in 2008. She completed a stop-motion Film at the School of Visual Arts, NY, the year 2000 achieving the Dusty Film Festival Award for her stop-motion animation, The Happy Prince, by Oscar Wilde. She worked at Celebrity Deathmatch, MTV, as an Animator.

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